ComChoice Africa Ltd is connected through the modern technological devices in the industry and therefore can be reached easily and on 24/7 basis to provide services through the wireless and real-time connections.

Modern Organizations have missions that range from self-preservation, business, recreation, service acquisition and perpetuity. These missions are based on an ideal, a dream to be realized, or an ideal state or result to be achieved or experienced. This future orientation underscores the dynamism of all its parts such as structures, systems, procedures, rules, programs, people, materials and other functional aspects.


ComChoice Africa Ltd is committed to the enhancement of productivity and performance in organizations through impact-focused delivery of goods and services that meet the needs of each particular client.
The increasing necessity to manage, plan and organize resources of a given organization is borne out of the need to increase efficiency, effectiveness and achieve higher productivity and performance in line with the mission and objectives of each organization.


The general aim of undertaking the various e-business functions is to contribute to the successful delivery of goods and services to various kinds of organizations. We believe need exists to provide home-grown expertise in the African business environment to create an appropriate operating environment for enterprises in this part of the global village. ComChoice Africa Ltd is a player in the pursuit of excellence in customer care, institutional and corporate success in the emerging dynamic e-commerce. And some of our specific objectives are:

  1. Carrying out evaluation and analysis of company projects and programs on the bases of stated terms of reference by client;
  2. Designing, planning and organizing of courses, seminars, workshops, symposia, conferences and round table sessions including educational visit / tours for client on tailor made/ in house basis or open arrangements;
  3. Dissemination of management and business information focused on knowledge, skills and expertise acquisition and work behaviour;
  4. Undertaking the design and installation of management information systems  to improve corporate performance and productivity;
  5. Partnering with other established companies and institutions across the globe to achieve the general and specific objectives through capacity enhancement to deliver services.
  6. Carrying out organizational needs assessments to determine appropriate action and recommend the most cost-effective alternatives to solve emerging organizational technological challenges.