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Comchoice Africa provides you with a full range of broadcast products and services from helpful advice through to site surveys, acoustics and studio design.

The most important issue when planning your station is to ensure that you get the facilities which match your programming needs.

Things to consider include choice of premises, layouts of studios and support facilities, M+E requirements, studio construction – isolation and internal acoustic treatment, interface to phone system providers, internet and office IT systems, studio to transmitter link, transmitter location, coverage, power and antennae requirements, staff recruitment and training, maintenance and support. The list is not endless, but it is extensive.

Having a source of expertise to help you address these questions can be invaluable, and save a lot of heartache and expense along the way. At Comchoice we speak radio.

We are a Telecommunications Contractor (TEC) licensed by Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) to supply, install and maintain telecommunication equipments and systems in the Republic of Kenya.

These services are categorized into the following major arms:-

1.0 Content Production
2.0 Content Distribution/ Transmission
3.0 Electrical Works
4.0 Broadcast IT and Support
5.0 Broadcast System Operations and Training