Broadcast Content Production Solutions

We have a successful track record in audio and video content production systems for our Commercial broadcasting, Public broadcasting and Community broadcasting clients. Our highly experienced production, film and editing staff has international experience in all aspects of content production from news, current affairs, entertainment and sports to documentaries and studio based live programs. Content production as a service we offer is further broken down as follows:-

Radio Content Production Solutions

Under this unit, we have partnered with Clyde Broadcast Products Ltd, UK based company, to supply, install, Test, Train and Commission radio studios equipment. These equipment ranges from SO EASE (compact/ premium plus) to synergy depending on the client needs and available financial resources.

Television Content Production Solutions

We provide a wide variety of customized TV automation solutions for customers by incorporating technology, innovation, engineering, furniture manufacturing and professional design elements. These development processes ensure that the specific needs of every customer are met, and that they enjoy top quality after sales services from our dedicated team.

These TV content production solutions has been a success with huge support from our internationally reputable TV studios equipment manufacturers partners like Axel Technology and NewTek TriCaster.

We are also partners with CANARA Lighting, Indian company, offering great TV studio lighting system. The lighting system we provide are LED modern type that consume very low power, which is relieve to the client huge electricity bills.

TV 3D electronic graphics system is also our major line of products we offer in both government and privately owned channels in East Africa. We are to deliver this with the close help of WASP3D Company, an internationally recognized real time rendering with amazing features graphics. This solution is widely used by Citizen TV, Inooro TV, K24, KBC among others in Kenya.

If you want TV studios Video walls or smart/ touch board then talk to us! NEC is our partner on this product.