At ComChoice Africa Ltd we develop tailor made e-learning solutions for your unique business needs by engaging learning experiences that help transform behaviors and impact performance.

Our learning platform provides businesses with the knowledge and agility to capitalize on strategic opportunities to increase revenue, while reducing time and operational costs. Our products are always evolving to meet the dynamic needs of businesses and the compliance requirements of industries.

We focus on and are not limited to content development and management, instructional design, e-learning project management and SMS Value Adding Services, as our approach focuses on creating value and meaning to e-learning.

Some key services we provide include

Our e-learning division gives unique end to end e-learning solutions and services for a number of corporate and e-learning organizations. We have experts who can help you in designing as well as deploying robust eLearning solutions into your present framework.

We will go hand in hand with you and assist you in aligning your learning objectives with your business objectives and providing the right solution for you. E-learning, which was once considered as a secondary process, has now gone up on the strategic list of the knowledgeable corporate.

Traditional techniques have started losing popularity as e-learning gives complete flexibility by providing the target audience the ease to choose the time and location of study

Key features of our Multimedia and e learning

In order to help the clients we would communicate visually and also show the e-learning in a different perspective. Once they know about the suffocating confinement and also the pain of the prison like courses the clients would understand the true value of e-learning.

  1. The way we approach and reach our clients is quite memorable and also something truly visual.
  2. We would simply drop the existing content into the pre-built publish, layouts and also share it with the client beforehand and also prepare for the Reponses.
  3. We would allow the client to gain awareness and also manage the capacity of the emotions and empathize the feelings of the learners.