Comchoice Africa have partnered with Heidelberg so as to supply not only extremely high-performance equipment covering the entire value-added chain in sheetfed offset printing but also digital printing systems for hybrid applications or extremely short runs. Our complementary services and training and advisory portfolios significantly enhance print shops’ economic performance and green credentials.

Heidelberg products provide everything that is needed for an eco-friendly print process. With carbon-neutral presses and its green printing activities, the company enables print shops to gear their operations perfectly to all market requirements.We give you the solutions that meet your customers’ needs.


  1. Quality Products – We carry quality products from top level manufacturers. We have access to all the best name brand products as well as Cost-Saving & Eco-Friendly OEM Alternative products. We 100% Guarantee all of our products & services and therefore the decision to Save Money, Time & Resources with our products & services is Risk Free! In the unlikely event you experience issues with any of our products, we will not only promptly replace the product, but if necessary service your office equipment Free of Charge!
  2. Toner Expertise & Experience – We know toner! Printer Components has over 25 years of experience in the Laser Printer & Toner Cartridge manufacturing industry. We manufacture and distribute ink and toner supplies across the north east and beyond. All of our products have been hand-picked by our expert staff. We have maintained relationships with top leaders in the printing industry for decades which allows us to provide only the best quality products to our customers.
  3. Customer Service – World Class Customer Service with LIVE representatives ready to assist with all of your needs. Orders can be placed on our convenient online store, phoned-in, faxed, or emailed. We’re prepared to customize your experience to best fit your needs.