Clyde Broadcast are experts in the design, specification and installation of radio studios and radio stations.

As well as manufacturing a range of our own analog and digital broadcast audio products, we have access to all leading makes of equipment and can tailor solutions to meet specific customer requirements of any size or budget.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including consultancy, equipment specification and procurement, project management, installation and training.

We can assist with locating studio premises, in building the studios, with the specification of studio to transmitter link and transmission equipment, even with program consultancy.

We have designed and equipped stations throughout the UK and Europe, in The Middle East and Far East, throughout Africa and the Indian sub-continent, as well as in Australia, China, Russia, the Ukraine and the US.

Whether your platform is FM, AM, DAB, satellite, cable or the internet – or any combination, whether you are a commercial or a state broadcaster, whether you are a community group or educational establishment, whether your audience is measured in millions or hundreds, whether you want a single studio or an entire network and whether your budget is large or small, we will be able to create a solution to meet your

We have experience of all station formats, and are equally happy working in analog or digital domains, with an understanding of the workflows associated with newsrooms, multitrack recording, digital production, archiving and asset management, live assist  and automated broadcast.

Most importantly we have a fantastic team of highly capable and enthusiastic staff,  ranging from system engineers, through carpenters to software gurus, installation technicians and trainers.